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Meet Lenox

Lenox is an imaginative kid who loves airplanes and dreams of the day he will get to board one. When his parents announce that the family is taking a trip overseas, he learns that his great grandad was a Tuskegee Airman who earned pilot wings.
He cannot wait to board his first flight and get a pair of his own, until the excitement causes him to lose his passport in the airport. He and his little sister Teagan set out on an adventure to find it before their flight takes off.

In Lenox Takes Flight, the author shares the world of travel through the eyes of a curious, intelligent young man who is on the cusp of a grand, life-altering journey. 

- Tykesha S. Burton

Published by New Degree Press

About the Author

About the Author 

‘Iolani L. Bullock is a Bronx native who caught the travel bug at a young age. As a global recruiter, 'Iolani has been lucky to have a career that fed her love of travel and desire to experience other cultures. A diversity, equity and inclusion professional by day and novelist by night, she received her bachelor of arts from New York University and her MBA from Georgetown University. In her spare time, 'Iolani is always looking for another great adventure to share with her family, experimenting with various spices collected from her travels and keeping up with her two children. She believes that our differences are what make us special and that all children deserve to see themselves at the center of a story.

Lenox Takes Flight is a chapter book geared toward 4th - 6th graders and inspires young readers to expand their perspective. Some of the topics they will learn about include:

  • the legendary Tuskegee Airmen

  • learning about difference through the visually impaired

  • learning about travel and other cultures

If you are a teacher, principal, librarian or educator of any kind, please send a note through the contact form. I would love to share the accompanying educator guide with you and discuss how Lenox Takes Flight can support your students!

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